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It has gotten rather quiet around me again, mostly because my finals are coming up to get my bookseller certificate and I'm struggling to find a job after my two and a half years of appreticeship at my current company.

 I still don't know if they take me in as a full employee, so I am rather anxious atm and struggle with panic attacks since I am pressured from various sides.

See you next year, hopefully I'll feel better then. 
DAMMED: Ranginui the Paradise Griffin by PoiChan
DAMMED: Ranginui the Paradise Griffin

Application for DAMMED AW YE

Name: Ranginui

Nickname: Rangi

Gender: Male

Species: Paradise Griffin

Age: 63 years old (Birthday: 26.09.)

Human Form: 6’04 cm
Demon Form: length: 6’23 (190 cm) height: 2’26 (80 cm) wingspan: 13’ (396 cm)
(His wings are shorter than the average gryphon, since he’s no Carnivore)

Human Form: 141,8 lbs (64,3 kg)
Demon Form: 66,1lbs (30 kg)

Rank: Rookie Private

Partner: N/A

Element: Wind


Stream Sensory: With the long floating downs around his head, Rangi is able to sense air streams with perfect accuracy, even those which are about to come up. With this, he is able to make perfect use of thermal updrafts. Due to his height and weight, the griffin needs to use the effect of the warm air to spare his energy. Now knowing where the streams are, the bird uses them to speed himself up and get high into the air quickly to dive back down.

Wind Manipulation: By flapping his wings, the large bird-feline creates a heavy wind up to a storm which can either support other wind demons, or to disrupt them by letting the winds clash together. He can also create a concentrated amount into a certain direction to just blow opponents away, it drains him out quickly since it’s like keeping the hovering flight permanently.

Screech: A sound wave that creates a sharp sound to those who have sensitive ears. It may irritate and confuse the hit enemy, making them stumble.


Accurate vision: His eyesight is pretty good, and he can locate good landing spots from far above in the air. Huge winds to not make him squint.

Long distance flight (high stamina): In his demon form, Rangi is a very skilled flying being. He is capable of various flying styles which allow him to either spare a lot of energy by gliding, to observe carefully with the hovering flight.
He knows how balance his energy sources by using the style to fly by his own power and using updrafts just to glide in enormous heights then.
- Float: In his human form however, Rangi lacks the wings he uses to carry his body up. Still using small updrafts, the demon keeps himself above the ground with his manipulative skills. On top of that, he can use the extra push for quick jumps. (It annoys him he cannot get high in the air as he wants to, he’s trying to figure out how to make use of this human body.)

Close combat: Either in his human oder demon form, the griffin will not hesitate to make use of his talons, legs, beak or even his wings to hit his opponents. Picking them up just to drop them or to bodycheck are the most frequent things.


Landing: It’s rather difficult to land quickly without stumbling forward or crouching down, to an extend he may sprain his ankles if there is too much energy left from the flight/landing process. He needs his time, which is not always given.

Indoor: Rangi can't sense any useful streams when indoors to get in the air, since there is less circulation of air; which costs him lots of energy then to actually move around and flap his wings permanently.

Swimming: The birb cannot swim or is rather a bad swimmer, in human and demon form. His wings get in the way, his sensitive downs start sensing things he cannot order to wind currents. It confuses him. He may get better in his human form, but would need to overcome his natural disgust from deep waters.


+ Curious / + Social / + Joyful

- Fickle / - Short Temper / - Easily Frustrated


Being born in Papua New Guinea, where the weather is as fickle as the griffin, Rangi was mostly spared from the war that was raging around the world.

Living with a small group of other paradise griffins around maoke mountains, the large bird had to learn to adjust to different climate zones. While the weather up the mountains could be rather rough an cold, the griffins would use their back feathers to keep the warmth inside their bodies, waiting until the cold and freezing winds would past. Down on the land however, the climate was rather warm, rain forests and even savannas spreading around the islands.
The Paradise Bird preferred to live on the branches of trees that were as old as the earth, listening to the humming songs of other male birds trying to attract the opposite gender. Climbing was easy with his talons and body, since he couldn’t fly through the thick forest, his wings folded up to spare himself from injuries and stuck little branches.

The years had passed, and Ranginui grew up to be a proud and strong wind spirit. Though, the war came with the years, swapping over Australia and making the animals as well as the humans and spirits suffer. Being caught by a group of unknown soldiers who just invaded his peaceful home, the “demon” should soon realise what it meant to be used. Stations had been built up, the forest shortened, the air had a dirty scent around with the waste that came up.
Being caged with his distant relatives, the omnivore had to protect himself from getting eaten, picked and clawed at. Carrying those distasteful humans on his back, the shorter griffin could pick up skills from the hunter birds; hoping to find a way out of this misery. Though, he wasn’t as strong as the carnivors, having to admit he was the weakest.

That’s how he got to meet DAMMED. Being located and freed, most of the birds just escaped, Rangi decided to join the people who promised a better treatment and a better view of humans. He knew he was too weak to fly all the way back home nor had he any idea in which direction the islands were, so it was just a simple decision in order to survive. And since he had been treated better, he followed the organisation to be recruited.

The reason to join:

How can humans and demons possibly live together peacefully after the treatment he had received? There is no way Rangi can return to his home without solving the question, or to prevent another horrible usage of other demons. Everyone has a right to live, and he wants to prove the suspicious ones that they're wrong.

Additional Info:
- Ranginui is the god of the sky in Polynesian/Maori mythology. He just kept the name he’s been called from by natives.
- Rangi will not eat meat, since his metabolism is made for insects, fruits, herbs, nuts and berries. The smell of carcass disgusts him.
- Apparently, he has a nice song bird like voice and can fluff up his decorative feathers just to show off.
- He can be very loud.
- He likes to crack things like shells.
- His lungs have extra air pockets and his heart is bigger than the average to actually bring up the energy to fly. In his human form however, he will be a good runner with high stamina. He is also lighter and the scale will always say he’s underweight, since his bones are hollow.
- His sensor downs are sensitive, do not pull or he will bite or screech.
- He cannot write or read, but is willing to learn it.
- He’s strangely drawn to music.


Child of Light - Card by PoiChan
Child of Light - Card
"No! Wake up, wake up.
Nightmare, let me wake.
Papa, where are you?
My heart shall break."

Drawn this card during my long train rides while listening to the osts. As you can see I can't draw castles hhhaha--- Anyways, enjoy!
I really loved playing the game and it made my heart tear apart a little.
Pokimono Sketchdump by PoiChan
Pokimono Sketchdump

All characters belong to their respective owners

Main App: Vincento
Side Character: Hibi
Pokimono NPC App: Hibiki the Murkrow by PoiChan
Pokimono NPC App: Hibiki the Murkrow

Name: Hibiki
Pokemon: Murkrow
Age: 23
Job: Wandering Merchant and Collector – Hibiki sells medical potions, powders, herbs and rare gems or materials he picks up from his travels
Nature: Gentle

Village: He lives in a small tree house around the forest of Gale Spring. He doesn't like the village life.

Ability: Prankster
Prankster increases the priority of status moves by one. Any move that is increased in priority from Prankster can be blocked by Quick Quard

Roost – The user lands and rests his body. It restores half of the user’s maximum HP. If the user is a flying type, it will lose its flying type until the next turn.
Dark Pulse -
The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts. It may also make the target flinch.

- shiny objects
- jewelry
- sweet berries, hazelnuts and walnuts, anything he has to crack
- making good trades that benefit him
- a clear night with good wind to take a flight
- reading

- Rainy days
- difficult trades, getting tricked
- low-classed stealing (If you need to steal, then do it right.)
- Winter and ice

Hibiki appears to be shy, and talks to people only when absolutely necessary. The murkrow tends to be in his own world and prefers to watch bystanders pass by. However, his attitude changes when it comes to trading. The crow will be fierce and try to talk the other party into selling the wanting object. His mood swings from the height of making a good trade to the frustration of having sold almost nothing.
Though, the murkrow doesn’t only look for his own benefit, and tries to help when he is able to.

Born in the deepest and oldest forest, Hibiki grew up with a troupe of merchants, thieves and artists. He remembers his childhood as a carefree one, being raised by Honchkrows, Persians and Meowths. Jumping around in the branches, he would try and fly around with the other crows. The young bird first learned the profession of thievery. Being quick and impulsive, he proudly brought home everything he picked up from his trips into the villages, thinking it was a game.
He grew older, and bored of this game he had with his friends. Only in the branches of the old tree, the murkrow would read quietly, having his next mission to attend to.

At that night, everything changed. Trying to rob a wealthier house, the housekeepers started to defend themselves. He mostly stood out from the fight, but couldn’t turn away from the scene. People got injured, children cried. Forced to flee and go back to the tree, Hibiki tried to tend the wounds, but had no knowledge. Feeling horribly out of place, he watched the healers do their work.
After this, the crow decided to change his profession, going away from the thievery and joining the merchants. He specialized on medical supplies, like herbs and powders, and will also sell his own mixtures. It’s his secret goal to become a healer, but he had found his purpose in selling and trading, which he finds very exciting.

Hibiki doesn’t really have a place to “live”, since he wanders around and collects everything he deems as sell-worthy. You will find him on market places with a wooden box, followed by a nice, herbal-sharp scent.

Additional info:
- Sometimes, when he gets fabric, he will sell scarves to Vincent. The flygon buys supplies like ointments occasionally.

- When Hibiki walks, his sleeves give off a slight tingling sound. There are tiny bells in his pocket sleeves, preventing him from impulsive stealing as everyone can hear the jingle when they’re close to the murkrow.

- He's jealous of other birds flying gracefully through the sky, as he is a self taught flying type.

- The feathers attached to his clothes are his real wings. The murkrow can either let them grow out of his skin, or shift his clothes into his wings. It's something he had picked up from an old Dephlox.

Main App: Vincent the Flygon



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It has gotten rather quiet around me again, mostly because my finals are coming up to get my bookseller certificate and I'm struggling to find a job after my two and a half years of appreticeship at my current company.

 I still don't know if they take me in as a full employee, so I am rather anxious atm and struggle with panic attacks since I am pressured from various sides.

See you next year, hopefully I'll feel better then. 


kifo. =w=

Well, new hairstyle - new ID.

Tumblr :V

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